Demolish and Rebuild

It can be a tough call to sell your house, especially when you must leave a suburb you have lived in for many years, with all those familiar places and conveniently located amenities! Growing families facing this dilemma are often opting to stay put, and demolish and rebuild a brand-new luxury home that reflects their lifestyle.

You may even have bought an old home in an area that you have longed to live in, close to schools or the beach. To demolish and rebuild will ensure you can create your dream home!

We can help you maximise your investment. Design & Construct Residential can advise and assist you with the complete process of demolishing and building your new home.

We will work with you to design and build something unique, custom designed for your family, while maximising the best outcome of the site and your budget.

Not only will we create the home you always wanted but we will secure an unbeatable price on your behalf through our unique tender system.

We are here to assist you, every step of the way, taking the stress out of demolishing and building and ensuring it is a hassle-free journey for you.

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Demolish and rebuild your new home

What is the Process?

Securing a quote:

We work with Perth’s most reliable and ethical demolishing companies to ensure you have a clean clear site ready for the construction of your new home.

We recommend that you allow up to eight weeks for council approvals, arranging disconnection of services and rat baiting. Once you have the all clear to demolish the house and clear the block this can take up to two weeks.

An application will be undertaken to make sure everything is taken care of when demolishing the home. This will consider all requirements through your local council and relevant authorities, and once approved, services can be disconnected.

Don’t forget to give some thought to your neighbours. They can seek reimbursement for any protective measures required during the demolishing process.  A Dilapidation Report might be wise insurance. We can advise you on this.

The Costs

This can depend on the size of the house and the extent of the vegetation such as trees on the site. Costs start from around $15,000 to the upper scale of $25,000. The demolisher will factor in what he can salvage and credit / offset against the cost of demolishing. More importantly, he will have to assess how easily the site can be accessed.

What Can We Retain?

You might want to give your house some period charm and salvage something special from the old house. Recycling bricks for paving can make economic sense.  Perhaps you want to keep those unique floorboards for that special room. Be clear about this in your contract.  Mark up any trees, sheds or anything else you want to retain with visible tape.

Keep in mind that excavators are very large and unyielding when it comes to retaining small trees. An exclusion zone will be put in place around a tree to protect it from any demolishing activity.

We are often asked if an existing pool or large tree can be retained, and this is where experienced advice is required. We have even designed homes around an existing pool to highlight that special feature.

How Can We Assist?

Get in touch today and talk to a member of our team about how we can help demolish and build a home that the whole family is just going to love. Let us assess your situation for you and give you the best advice for your individual requirements. Simply contact us on (08) 9244 2883. We would be delighted to give you obligation free advice on how to best achieve your goals.



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Not only will we create the home you’ve always wanted but we will secure an unbeatable price on your behalf through our unique Tender System.

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