Split Level Homes

A sloping block can be taken advantage of as it is an opportunity to express unique ideas with the potential to design a split level home to make use of the different levels of the land.

Land sloping up to the rear creates an opportunity to incorporate an undercroft garage and perhaps additional storage areas such as a gym, workshop or cellar under the main floor level at the front of the home. When designing a home with the garage underneath we always incorporate internal stairs to access the main area of the home, this gives our clients security which is a must these days and keeps occupants out of the elements.

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The additional elevation of the home can also provide an opportunity to create a private patio or portico over the garage which would be ideal if there were views to take advantage of. Another feature is that with a wider frontage to work with, having the undercroft garage, gives the designer more flexibility to create a truly stunning elevation. Split level home designs have moved on from the 80’s where access was generally external from the garage.

A block sloping down to the rear can be utilized to increase volume in the rear living area of the home. With the ceiling line continuing straight through, the descending stairs at the split level give you that extra ceiling height, we generally aim for a 34 course ceiling enough to give you a feeling of volume and space to the main living area of the home. More than 34 courses and the room can become too cavernous and difficult to heat during the winter months.

We also design and have built split level houses for rural blocks in Perth, country areas and the South West. Homes on rural blocks are best orientated to face some feature of the acreage, a dam or valley which requires our Architect Graham Hutton to design the home with the split level running lengthways through the home so as to follow the contour of the land. In some cases if the fall is severe we may have to allow for several steps down into the lower half of the home. This requires special treatment of the roof line and pitch. Regardless of position we are very mindful of the solar aspects of the home and always design to maximise energy efficiency.

We have access to the best specialist split level home builders in Perth metro area and beyond and once designed can obtain for you an absolute unbeatable price to build.

There are countless possibilities and options in the design of a home. Contact DESIGN & CONSTRUCT RESIDENTIAL to have the potential of your block fully assessed. You really do need expert advice and consultations are free.



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