Two Storey Homes

Two storey house designs in Perth are now the most common form of residential buildings for inner city living, as well as many of the newer areas and coastal strip. Now we are seeing a variety of second storey homes encompassing all types of styles and in some cases fashion fads.

At Design & Construct Residential we believe that a double storey house design should reflect our client’s personality while also representing a classical and timeless style that will not date.

Problems can arise when a home can be judged by the year it was built and in some cases the project builder who built it by the style that was temporarily in fashion. This is a trap to be avoided at all costs, as prospective buyers will “type” the house years later and know its cost. The difference with a custom designed home is that it carries its own stamp of individuality and reputation as being especially designed to utilise the benefits of the block and enhance the streetscape, which gives it more character and uniqueness.

With higher land values in Perth, this inevitably has meant blocks of land are becoming smaller. This brings with it a host of different challenges when designing a new home. Privacy, for example, is of the utmost importance, as well as incorporating energy efficiency and maximising views if required.

Two Storey Home PerthView our Mindarie project

Designing double storey homes in Perth on smaller blocks of land is one of our specialties at Design & Construct Residential. We work with the luxury award-winning two story home builders in Perth. We can take an idea you have and transform it into a breath-taking home! If you want to live a “cut above the rest”, a home designed by our team will guarantee you just that!

Any home built today (two storey or otherwise) must be well zoned to allow for harmonious living and additionally, a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living areas should be maintained. Spacious living, both inside and out are hugely important – there must be ample space for relaxation and entertaining. Whatever type of home you are looking to build, we can design it for you!

Design & Construct Residential can cater for all styles of home, including split level homes, houses with the living area upstairs, modern designs plus more traditional styles. We offer a range of materials to give each part of the home its own special finishing touches.

We can help you design a home that is unique, impressive and exactly how you want it to be. By using top-of-the range ArchiCAD20 design software, we can show you exactly how your house will look and walk you through it even before a single brick has been laid.

We would be delighted to offer you a complimentary design concept session with our Senior Designer, and will even include a free block survey to get you started.

Contact us today for an obligation free consultation –  you could be a step closer to living in the double storey home of your dreams.



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