Upstairs Living Homes

We are often asked to design a home with the living area upstairs. Generally the reason is that the block has views and our client wishes to capture that special outlook, whether being an ocean, river or valley outlook. With ocean views it may be on a busy road, so as well as an elevated outlook from the main upstairs living, you would also benefit from additional privacy as passerby cannot see into the upper living areas.

We would design your home with spacious living areas and kitchen flowing out onto a large balcony with outdoor BBQ facilities so as to enjoy entertaining with friends and family. Depending on orientation we would also take into consideration the “Sea Breeze” a factor that is often overlooked as you do need some protection during those summer months. We would also suggest double glazing not only for energy efficiency but to reduce any external noise. We would always consider the solar aspects of the home to utilize and maximize use of the sun during the winter months.

Upstairs Living Home DesignView our City Beach project

Our Architect Graham Hutton and experienced Design Team may also suggest a lift in the home. This makes access to the upper living a lot more convenient particularly with shopping being carried upstairs. It also ensures a longer life of the home as stairs do not present a problem later in years to come.

The cost of lifts has come down dramatically in recent years so well worth consideration.

In most cases we would also suggest to you, if you were not wanting a lift, to incorporate a Master Bedroom with ensuite both upstairs and down so as to give alternative option in case of some ailment and of course ideal for guests if needed.

Rear views are a little more difficult with the restriction of the R codes and “overlooking issues”. We can assist you to overcome these restrictions to maximise the full potential of your block by virtue of clever and intelligent design by our architect Graham Hutton and very experienced design team.

Having vast experience with all Town Planners with every Council you can be assured of a positive outcome for any application we lodge.

Clever design is critical in developing your ideas. Our Design & Construct Residential in-house Architect will develop your ideas and expectation for your upstairs living home. We will also assist you to select the most appropriate upstairs living builder through our unique tender system.

We will obtain for you the best possible price for you by virtue of volume we put through our builders, and all the hard work is done by us ready for the builder to go to site.

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