Our clients, coming from a musical family, required a large music room where rehearsals could be carried out, without fear of upsetting the household or neighbours. View our Mosman Park Luxury Two-Storey Home project.


Mosman Park Designer Home

This beautiful Mosman Park home by Design Construct was a project that had a few difficulties that we needed to resolve for our client. These difficulties for this new estate were that they needed to have a large music room without disrupting any neighbours, and the difficult shaped block of land. The Mosman Park home was built on a block that sloped away to the rear. With a designer home by Design Construct, this Mosman Park family were able to enjoy their luxury home that fitted their brief. This was done with a sub-floor media and music room with the home’s external light and well ensured natural light cascaded down into that area of the home, a beautiful optimised rearview and an entertaining pool to overlook the Swan River. These suggestions and features were discussed and recommended during the free design session with Design Construct.


Luxury Two Storey Home Builders

With a beautiful Swan River view only seen from the rear of the home, Design Construct needed to optimise the home overlooking the view. Design Construct optimised these views by ensuring the two-storey home compensated the block that fell away, allowing a clear view of the river and features an entertaining pool overlooking the river. The music room could be converted to an excellent cellar and wine tasting room at a later date. By building your new home with Design Construct who provide building advisory services, professional custom design home services and luxury home builders in Perth, you save hundreds of thousands of dollars while building your dream home without the stress.

This room really enabled a harmonious use of all zones of the home with seamless views from the rear living, kitchen areas, and across the sparkling pool to the magnificent views of the river.

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